Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How To Monetize Youtube Videos

This is a tutorial on how to Monetize youtube videos. Are you getting hundreds of views on your content? Hundreds of thousands? Even better! Being a YouTube partner lets you to monetize videos on your channel and earn a percentage of the revenue. But before you can earn anything. You have to learn how to set up your our channel and videos for monetization the proper way.
The first thing you would have to do is check to see if your channel is eligible for monetization.

First, In your account’s settings:

1) Go to the MONETIZATION tab.
2) Click Enable My Account. If you don’t see this option; it means your account doesn’t qualify for monetization or isn’t in good standing as yet.
Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube monetization agreement.

If you live in one of the following countries: Turkey, Russia, or Ukraine; you would need to apply to join the Youtube Partner program. You can do this.

Now that you have set up your account; you can enable qualifying videos to earn money from ads.

Before you can place an ad on your video. You would need to make sure that your content meet a specific criteria:

Your content is advertiser-friendly.
You created the content yourself or have received permission from the owner to use it commercially.

Here are some examples of videos that may be eligible for monetization:

Someone else created a video and stated in writing that you may use and or make money from it.
You created the music used in the video by yourself and isn’t signed to a label.
Here are some examples of videos that may not be eligible for monetization:

You recorded a video of a dog with music in the background that you did not create.
You created a montage of video created by someone else.
Content with any violence or nudity.
Videos meant to shock or disgust.
You can learn more about content that may or may not be monetize by clicking here but you will surely find those on the website of onlinedimes.

By following this tutorial, by now you should have set up your channel and videos for monetization. Happy earning!

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